How To Play Little Riddles

Little Riddles is a mobile app that gives you a challenging word problem to solve. 14 letters are provided for you, in what is called your “rack”. Reminiscent of games like Words With Friends, What’s The Word and Lettercheat Press, your objective is to answer the riddle with the letters that have been provided. If you successfully guess the correct riddle, you are given coins and advance to the next level.

There are several types of boosts you can use to get through the level, as well : Ask Friends (Instagram) and Ask Friends (Facebook) are both Free Boosts. Reveal Letter, Remove Letters and Show Hint can be used for the right amount of coins. If you don’t feel like using your coins or have run out, Little Riddles Answers is here to save the day.

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Little Riddles Answers

Are you a fan of solving riddles? Little Riddles Answers is your home for solutions to the newest puzzler app, sweeping the globe. You are given 14 letters on each level and a riddle to solve. If you get stumped on any Little Riddles level, are stymied by a puzzle or have hit a wall with ideas on what the Little Riddles Answer could be, simply browse through the levels on the site and let Little Riddle Answers do the heavy lifting! We have the answer to every single puzzle.